Shekl is a team of professionals who are gathered in one place with the goal of creating world-class creative solutions. Whether it’s developing a unique design or creating elements that effectively put on a mark on a specific customer segment. We strive to make an exceptional result each time we put our hands on a project.

Product Innovation

We create extraordinary products in multiple fields. a unique combination of deep empathy for the needs of consumers, visions of clients, and what can provide an exceptional experience.
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Using visual metaphors and signs are a powerful way to convey the message which a brand wants to represent itself with. On a more advanced layer of engagement, Animation rise to incorporate visual elements in such a way that leads to empathy. Therefore, we try to benefit from animated presentation as one of our means of communication.


The concept of creating a better experience for the customers by exploring various tools and methods is what our designers pursue passionately. And in order to make that happen we always tend to go into fine details while remaining vigilant of the big picture. Although this is the case in all our projects, but in ux/ui projects this becomes one of the most important aspect we take into account.


Design & dev



Branding & Packaging

Each brand development project takes us on a unique journey of redefining elements and describing little details. We put the latest tools and methods into action so a product or a service is understandable, and then go further to outline characteristics by which the brand is able to stand out from the others.
Architecture, as we perceive it, is an element by which we are reshaped and re-written. The interaction between architecture and us as humans extends to many different layers. Therefore, we make the effort to go deep down and arrange the elements in our designs through which people are provided with extraordinary experiences. We strive to make our designs an excuse to explore and discover.
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Design & dev


Design & dev




When it comes to form shapes with passion, nothing comes close to automotive design. Car design as a whole, is an opportunity to recite emotions through lines and surfaces